4.2. Non Original Copy

The goal of "BaaSid" is to create instant access for internet services without storing personal information or any source of a user's personal information on any service provider database, with any national verification agency, with any third party verification agency, or even on any storage device of users.

4.2.1 Non-existence of User Database

No database exists for the internet service provider to operate enabling near perfect decentralization.

4.2.2 Non-existence of Private information

Name, phone number, email address, bankbook number, credit card number and other sensitive information is divided into small bits divided to optimal node groups, distributed and stored, without leaving a source of personal information.

4.2.3 Non-existence of Identification

Nothing is saved anywhere, not a personal identification card, or other information used to verify who one is or verification information creating a situation where one is safe from hacking or loss.

4.2.4 Non-existence Original Certificate(Copy)

No certificate or source data exists either on a third party certification authority's server, or any user's device (smart phone, PC, tablet pc). This means certificates nor biometrics information is not saved anywhere.

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