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8.3. Advisor

K.S. Lu (Taiwan)

  • Chairman of Leadtek Research Inc.(TWSE) – Current
  • Awarded National outstanding SMEs
  • The president of Chinese Taipei Football Association
  • The executive committee of East Asian Football Federation
  • The marketing committee of Asian Football Confederation

Hajin Jhun (KOREA)

  • Chairman of the KBA self-regulatory committee (Korea Blockchain Association)
  • Chairman of SDX foundation
  • 19th Member of the National Assembly (KOREA)
  • Former Chairperson of Digital Party of Sunnuri Party
  • Former CEO of HANCOM(KOSDAQ)

Kumakiri Yasutomo (JAPAN)

  • Vice President(COO) of Creators Guild.Co,ltd(Impress Group) - Current
  • CEO of Creators Guild.Co,ltd(Nippon Group)
  • Director of Electronic publication
  • Director of Web planning & production
  • Manager of Advertising dep(international telecommunications company)

Ronald H. Chen (Taiwan)

  • MBA, JD
  • Director of T-Star Telecomm Corp. - Current
  • Supervisor of the Board, CSun Manufacturing LTD.
  • Independent Director of Advancision Corp.,Cayman