8.8 Roadmap

Roadmap of the past / Current (2018~2021)

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Project Design

The overall design of the BaaSid project. Blockchain commercialization technology design.


2018 / 1Q

Blockchain Design

Decentralized data storage design and technical review


2018 / 2Q

Engine Design

Split engine and Combine engine / Algorithm to fragment and reassemble the original


2018 / 3Q

Encryption (Decryption)

Before using the split engine, you need to go through additional encryption.


2018 / 4Q

Split Engine (Split ID)

Split all files of any type and store them in each node.


2019 / 1Q

Distribute Engine (Allocation)

The split pieces are separated/distributed to each node and transmitted.


2019 / 2Q

Combination Engine (FIDO API)

The fragment files fragmented by the split engine are called from the node and combined.


2019 / 3Q

Decentralized Storage Design

It refers to storage that separates/distributes the split pieces in each node.


2019 / 4Q

De-Storage Development

Design B2B/B2C services for decentralized storage. “exceldrive” on Hitachi Sunway


(Supply completed)

2020 / 1Q

Decentralized Storage Service with BaaSid Authentication

Decentralized storage web services with BaaSid Authentication “eXcelKey” on Hitachi Sunway


(Supply completed)

2020 / 3Q

BigBaaS (Big Data)

Big data analysis service was excluded from the plan because it was difficult to connect to decentralized storage and blockchain.

Changed Concept

(Included in B2C service)

My Data exchange

2020 / 3Q

DID Design & Development

Decide on DID service design and development direction. Develop according to customer needs.


2020 / 4Q

My Data Research & Planning

My Data Policy and Research / Research on each country's policy and performance


2020 / 4Q

DID development

Completed development of standard DID and BaaSid DID


(Supply completed)

2021 / 1Q

Compatible API for 3Major cloud

Decentralized storage completion and service for cloud compatibility

(Oracle, Amazon S3, MS Azure)


2021 / 2Q

My Data Service Design

Structural design, technology review, market review, Production plan completed


2021 / 3Q

My Data Storyboard

Storyboard work for My data / Design of application fields with coin and block chain technology


2021 / 4Q

Future roadmap (2022~2023)

ScheduleCategoryContentsDevelopment progress

2022 / 1Q

Service prototype

prototype design / Overall service scope, UI UX design confirmation, operation concept


My Data System Development

My Data system development and service design / My Data service application development / Backend design and development / Admin design


2022 / 2Q

Service prototype

prototype development completed

(Confirmation of overall service planning, design concept, and service operation concept for alpha version development)


Private Cloud Storage Service

Personal privacy, personal digital vault service, personal information protection cloud storage development and service preparation.

(Data cloud service through integration of various authentication services)


Voting System

Voting system design and development / Statistical system construction


2022 / 3Q

My Data Alpha version

Alpha version development completed / Trial service (internal)


My Data Platform

My Data Cross-Analysis Algorithm Development / Real-Time Statistical Analysis Platform


2022 / 4Q

My Data Beta Service

Launched my data service (App / Web) / Beta Service (1 or 2 countries)

2023 / 1Q

NFT Service Design

Structural design, technology review, market review

2023 / 2Q

My Data Service

Launched my data service (App / Web) / Grand open (Global)

2023 / 3Q

NFT Open Market Place

Launched NFT open Market Place (App / Web) / Beta Service (1 or 2 countries)

2023 / 4Q

NFT Open Market Place

Launched NFT open Market Place (App / Web) / Grand open (Global)

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