3.1 “Core Technology”

Core Technology

BaaSid has implemented decentralized storage by applying Split Engine, Combine Engine, and Sub Chain of BaaSid, and will develop various decentralized storage products.

The demand for security of sensitive personal and corporate data is growing.

Currently, customers are requiring simultaneous provision of data security, storage, and encryption due to the rapid increase of sensitive data leakage incidents such as personal information of individuals and organizations, documents, secrets, and contracts.

This means that the rapid growth of storage usage by individuals is leading to the occurrence of privacy infringements, and new threats of data security are increasing in proportion to the increasing use of storages by businesses.

Security needs for data and data storages are growing rapidly.

Decentralized Storage is a new type of data storage method, different from the conventional centralized data storage and protection methods, and can build an effective data defense system together with data encryption. Unlike the defense system that operates data protection zones such as firewalls and IPS, Decentralized Storage can implement more safe data security by combining and authenticating data pieces whenever users want without preserving the data sources through data split and physically separated storages of data.

Data Encryption / Data Split / Data Distribute / Data Decryption and Combine.

Prepare to secure data from the original source by performing encryption, data fragmentation, and data fragmentation on the data source.

It carries out secure and convenient management through blockchain data immutability, BaaSid authentication, data call, decryption and data combination.

The best safety certification is achieved through the robust double safety structure of FIDO+Split data.

documents, certificates, etc. and provide the functions of recovering certificates at any time.

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