1.1 What is "BaaSid"?

In this white paper, BaaS is the abbreviation for Blockchain as a Service, which is a concept where a blockchain infrastructure is borrowed partially, or in its entirety, for the development of internet services related to exisiting web services, app services, and blockchain services (cryptocurrency exchanges, etc.).

In this BaaS infrastructure, “BaaSid” will offer certificate services to the internet service provider from an unspecified number from a P2P based split and divided powerful, yet safe database that is based on a public or Private node network.

Also, it is intended to replace a third party certification authority, or payment gateway (PG) with a shortened procedure that is safer and more convenient.

All the unspecified OSP providers on the internet have partially borrowed existing SasS, IaaS, PaaS or ASP services to use according to their business goals.

In the new world of the blockchain, via the concept of BaaS, diverse software and technology will be borrowed from the necessary parts of the Blockchain Infra API, database, or going one step further, the mobilization of node members (users or Private node of Company), network resources, and other diverse forms of blockchain infrastructure that are experiencing explosive growth.

"BaaSid" was designed to help process the various phases of verification, offering all internet service providers and all users a more convenient and safer way to login, and this could act as an enabler for more lively communication between the providers and user.

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