8.10 Press Release

1) BaaSid Japan Meet up
2) BaaSid X ASUS : Taiwan Government Project Consortium
3) BaaSid X NCCU Partnership
4) BaaSid E-ID explain
5) BaaSid –Explain to Japan Market
6) Cooperation on blockchain-based electronic document processing
7) BaaSid and Crypto Lab participate at WIS (World IT Show) 2018
8) BaaSid X Phoenix Partnership
9) BaaSid and DACONOMY sign MOU Agreement to enforce mutual cooperation
10) BAAS X NB-iOT Join partnership
11) BaaSid project introduced on Korean TV
12) BaaSid X Hitachi Cooperation
13) BaaSid X Zerone X MicroSoft Azure Online Seminar
14) Welcome to the partnership between BaaSid and Korea Electronic Certification Authority(crosscert)!
15) BaaSid Taiwan team participated in the WBS Taipei event with a researcher from Taiwan's Political University
16) CryptoLab X Mirai Consulting Partnership
17) Participated in the Asia Blockchain Summit (BLC-Summit) Taiwan event
18) Research cooperation MOU with NEC
19) Launched blockchain-based decentralized storage'BaaS Cloud' service
20) CryptoLab X LINE Tech plus'LINE Blockchain' joint development and cooperation MOU
21) Cooperation with Japan's CryptoLab to build a blockchain-based electronic contract platform with‘BOT Lease', a financial leasing company
22) BaaSid signs MOU with NTT Data
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